Carolyn Clairvoyant


Virgo 2014 Overview


This year your home is about finding that which is in sync with your desires and plans. You could be looking for more supportive roles within the home or those to support you whilst you pursue that which is important.

You are getting a lot of advice throughout 2014, it seems everyone has an opinion on that which you should be doing, listen to yourself when it comes to making any major decisions.

An all or nothing attitude could leave you feeling excessive in your moods and feelings, you need to know you wont make the wrong choices if you listen to your self first. April 2014 sees life in the home being more balanced and relaxed.


This year a new start commences and you may be looking forward to this fresh approach to your work and goals. You will be worried if this is right for you but by September 2014 you ill well and truly be over these concerns and  seeing it was well worth the step towards changes.

As the year is about transformation, you could find at first you are conflicted by these changes until  you see you don't have a choice except to go with them and  stay focused on your goals.


This year money is your passion and you see yourself being able to do a lot of things that were not attainable in 2013. You will be finding yourself under a bit more pressure to maintain your income  but with a bit of organisational skills and a new budget you will be very pleased.

The support you need in your incomes is there. The more you stay on this track the stronger your money will be.

Health and Well Being

This year  you could be finding some old issues resurfacing. Don't dismiss them it could be important and the key to better changes ahead. Your confidence in yourself may be needing some re-assessing  as you start to move towards wanting to make improvements but not sure if it is worth your effort, it is.

June 2014 sees a change that enables you to remove all blockages, problems or issues with your health  and the right support, advice or treatment will be sort.


This year you are on the road to change and will be happy to see by in and around February 2014 you are leaving a lot of that which has not worked previously with love behind you. You are taking the time to look at what makes you happy, complete and supports your emotional well being.

You are looking for equality, harmony and balance and this will be about making the right commitments and decisions to enable such into your personal areas.

Love is about staying focused on that which makes you happy, not giving into the excesses  of over thinking, obsessive behaviour or being overly indulgent